Oi Software publishes email white paper

Annie Lillico Lewis
Brand Manager, Oi Software

Oi Software says it's time to face the facts; email is broken.

Nearly half a century since the first electronic message was sent, “email remains the most ubiquitous form of communication”.¹

Despite email’s longevity and its pervasiveness in our lives, email management policies and practices have struggled to keep pace. As a result, opportunities abound to increase productivity, decrease costs, capture new value and manage the business risks presented by email.

In Oi Software’s newest white paper, Facing Facts: Email is Broken, we explore the state of email in 2016 and reflect on five key email pain-points that continue to plague modern businesses throughout the world. This white paper presents a possible solution for all 5 major pain-points, and invites you to Say Hi to Charlie.

Download the white paper to learn more.



¹ Radicati Group, Inc. Email Market, 2016 – 2020. Jun 2016. http://www.radicati.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Email_Market_2016-2020_Executive%20Summary.pdf.


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