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Imagine a world with an empty inbox. A world where you could spend less time managing your emails and more time on meaningful work. A world where you never need to hunt for or forward another email ever again.

Charlie loves filing.

Charlie is your admin superstar. Before an email even hits your inbox, Charlie has already tagged, filed and stored it away, ready for retrieval should you need it again in the future. Because Charlie automatically connects your email client and CRM, once you’ve read and actioned a message, you can just hit delete. Experience the beauty of an empty inbox, safe in the knowledge that Charlie has you covered.

Charlie Monitor

Charlie loves finding things.

Charlie is a super sleuth. The days of searching through folders, trying to recall how an email was filed are over. Charlie’s powerful search transforms the way you look for and find emails, making the process quick, intuitive, and reactive to your needs. With fully-customisable tags and broad capability to search metadata, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for and have confidence that you’re seeing the full picture – regardless of how an email has been filed.

Charlie loves collaboration.

Charlie keeps you in the loop. It knows the traditional 1-to-1 nature of email locks away valuable information and kills opportunities for collaboration in the workplace. With Charlie, your organisation has a single-source-of-truth that allows your people to freely access the information they need, when they need it. All of a sudden, email is inclusive, unified and truly collaborative.

Charlie loves archiving.

Charlie digs laborious admin tasks and is your governance guru. As a living archive, Charlie makes sure you’ve got the information you need, on hand, when you need it. Whether it’s for an audit, a complaint or any other matter, Charlie is your go-to. And with customisable rules for retention and destruction processes, you’ll never lift a finger managing your compliance and privacy requirements again.

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Stephen Horsten

Charlie has been a great time saver for the team, as they no longer need to wait to speak to other staff members regarding email communication that may have been received or sent. They can now immediately obtain the information they need and see the full history of communication with our clients, allowing us to assist them in a more effective manner.

With all email communication now automatically captured for us, Charlie acts as a great record keeping application. It has been a great time saver and improved governance has been an important benefit.

Profusion Planning highly recommends Charlie as a fundamental tool for your business.

Stephen Horsten

Director, Profusion Planning

John Liston

After we migrated all of our software to the cloud, we were searching for a solution to track and save the email correspondence coming in and out of our firm. We have now implemented Charlie across our Accounting and Financial Advice businesses. Charlie helps us get visibility of all incoming and outgoing emails for our clients, without wasting time manually filing each email. The implementation process is quick and painless and Charlie now does the filing work for us.

John Liston

Director, Liston Landers Accountants & Advisers

Jason Rance

Charlie is very powerful but also very simple. The value of Charlie lies in the fact that it does not require a large investment of time and makes our practice more efficient. I would recommend Charlie to any organisation that uses email as a form of communication.

Jason Rance

Director & Financial Adviser, Custodian Financial Group

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